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Those of us who work in offices understand that each place of work has its own dress code, and for each workplace dress code there is a type of workwear footwear to go with it.

The typical women's workwear shoe is the high heel, although even the height of your high heel can change your look completely. For a more conservative look you may wish to try a court shoe, with a medium high heel and a pointed toe. For a more feminine look the mid-heel is teamed with a rounded toe, providing us with the classic mary-janes.

For those who wish to obtain a more striking look in the workplace, there is the super-high heeled stiletto, although it is perhaps only the more gifted amongst us (or the more determined) who will be able to carry this off all day without having a midday foot rub.

If your place of work requires you to spend the majority of your day standing or walking, then your feet may thank you if you choose a flat shoe instead. We have a range of colours and styles to suit any outfit. From pretty floral mary-janes, to the more practical loafer, the comfort of a low heel can be obtained in any style. You can also choose from a selection of on-trend brogues, available in both flat or mid-heel designs.

And finally, if the sun does peep out at some time of the year you may wish to give your feet an outing in a pair of sandals, which are also available in a range of heel heights and colours.